The Top 5 Muslims Non Profits Organizations

Muslims Non Profits Organizations

A non-profit organisation is typically a group working with the sole aim for the welfare of the society. Over the decades, they meet their primary objective all because of people, who have an inner-deep feeling for the needy segments of their community. In the last couple of years, the organisations working for the social upliftment are benefitted with the dawn of the Internet, and then came the social media channels. All these channels of communications nowadays been utilised by charities worldwide to draw donations. Today, in this digital epoch, they don’t have to send volunteers to different regions and ask for donations, everything is done online. Here, in this post, we have highlighted the top five Muslims non-profits organisations-

1. Islamic Relief

Founded in the year 1984, the Islamic Relief charity organisation is an international humanitarian group offering relief to people across the globe, irrespective of their caste, creed & religion. Set up in Birmingham, UK, this organisation raise good funds from recycling clothes those it receive via donations. It also provide canned meat to needy people. It has relief presence in over 30 nations around the world. The Islamic Relief’s revenue is estimated to be at £99.1 million, as per the last 2014 report. This relief organisation is also a reputed member of the Economic and Social Council.

2. Council on American–Islamic Relations

The Council on American–Islamic Relations is US-based advocacy and Muslim civil rights group, with its headquarter in Washinton, DC. This organisation works for the welfare of the Muslim residing in the United States of America, both via monetary fundings and political activeness. With 70+ staff and 300+ volunteers, this organisation obtain funds for significant Muslims events like Qurban.

3. Islamic Society of North America

Set up in Plainfield, Indiana, USA, the Islamic Society is a Muslim Umbrella group termed by many media houses worldwide as the most prominent charity group in entire North America. Each year it holds the annual national convention, and that gathering has the biggest number of Muslims. The origin of this non-profit organisation take us to 1963 when a group of U.S. & Canada students framed this organisation.

4. Islamic Circle of North America

The Islamic Circle of North America is another Muslim umbrella charity organisation established in the year 1968; latter its women wing was launched in 1979, working for rights of the Muslim women. It has its headquarters in Queens, New York.

5. American Civil Liberties Union

This is a not for profit organisation that was formed with the underlying motto of preserving and defending the rights of every individual in the United States of America. This one of the globally most eminent organisations has more than 1,200,000 members, 100$ million is its annual budget, both highlighting the significance of this charity on the global footprint.

In the end, apart from these, there are several other organisations having a global presence, and some of them include the International Islamic Relief Organization, Muslim American Society, United Muslim Relief, Inner-City Muslim Action Network, Muslim Urban Professionals, Pew Research Center, and Muslim Students’ Association.