Steve Jobs Marketing Genius

Co-founder of the world’s biggest Smartphone Company, Apple Steve Jobs is an inspiration to those who believe anything can be accomplished with hard work and commitment.

The Journey of Jobs

Once a Reed College dropout, Jobs started Apple from his garage, and in the year 1976, he designed & powered world’s first OS, Macintosh. But, did you know he was fired from Apple? This was incurring to the power tussle with the Chief Exec John Sculley, but later he returned to Apple in 1996.

Many of us know Steve Jobs as an IT individual with a determination to code big thing, but, he was also a marketing genius. As the matter of fact is, he powered the Apple Company to scale new highs of revenues, with every passing year.

Smart phones for the High-Society- Jobs’ Masterstroke

Apart from all features, the aperture of the camera, the sleek finish or the voice clarity, one of the top reasons Apple is so successful is that it has done well to bag the honour of being “Smartphone for the upper class.” A major chunk of the Smartphone users buy Apple as a mark of belonging to the high-society. This is where the marketing strategies of Steve Jobs has done well to mark the eminent “half cut Apple logo,” as a symbol of rich status. This has made Apple such a big brand across the globe, not only the developed nations like the US, also developing countries like India, where the sales of Apple gadgets are increasing tremendously.

 Steve Jobs- A Digital Marketing Genius

“1000 songs in your pocket,” this is probably the most captivating sales punch line given by Steve Jobs at the time launch of first iPod; event organized in October 2001. You probably say, what’s special about the line? It depicts his mind for digital marketing, he didn’t say anything about that memory, instead he sends the clear-cut message you can store 1000 songs in this small device. So, from this you can out make this approach of, marketing is to keep it simple for the audience, no big tech jargon.

By being clear and memorable, Jobs won million of hearts around the world, and this shows in the success of the iPad. Also, several journalists and marketing enthusiasts till date write articles on this great line.

Steve Jobs Views on Marketing

The underlying theme of Jobs marketing strategies is the importance of communicating the value of the product to its potential customer base, not just shouting the features. If you abide by this approach, you will probably curate simple and saleable message for your customers to digest easily. This was the views of Steve jobs on marketing, marketing stratégique et opérationnel and advertisement. If you are serious about following the strategies of Jobs, you should carefully go through his books and famous quotes for more information, you can read as well other marketing strategies: seo marketing adalahseo marketing indonesia.


At the end of it all, from the above, you probably got an understanding about Steve Jobs marketing strategies. And, possibly it’s the reason why he is termed as a marketing genius.