How Can SEO help Plumber Websites?

A website is nothing more than an online extension of your brick and mortar plumbing business. Meaning, if proper marketing isn’t done to get your business known to people that matter, then well; you’re losing a tremendous number of potential customers to rivaling businesses.

Assuming you already have a website, try running a simple Google search to see how well your business ranks locally. Play around with different keywords; the ones you suspect someone within your region of operation would enter in the search engine in an attempt to locate a plumber nearby.

It could be something simple like “plumber Baulkham Hills”, “plumber“, or “plumbing companies in” followed by your region of operation or state.

Well, if your website doesn’t appear on the first page of the results shown, then that can only be interpreted to mean one thing—you haven’t been doing enough justice to your business in terms of SEO.

Reasons your Plumbing Business Needs SEO?

Yellow Pages are a Longer

Things changed and Yellow Pages had to step out in favor of Google and other search engines. Today, almost everyone you know uses Google to trace local businesses or companies they’re interested in.

Also, search engines are designed in such a way that their mode of operation isn’t any different from yellow pages. That is, if your website is NOT listed in the SERPs, then customers will certainly have a hard time finding you, the result of which you’ll baplue losing a huge chunk of your online customer base to your competitors.

From the recent stat released by Google:

. – Almost 20 percent of all the search queries people make are local. Meaning, people search for a particular service then follow it up with the state or region they’re in to trace the company or business that’s closer-by.

. – 2o percent of all the searches made on mobile devices are local. Again, people use their mobile devices to track down companies or businesses offering the services they happen to be in need of.

. – 50 percent of all the searches run on mobile device are followed by an immediate phone call or email. This emphasizes on the need to make your contact page easily visible.

. – Google also estimates that about 97% of all local consumers search for the service they need online. Meaning digital marketing, if done right, is all your business needs to succeed and outmaneuver all your competitors.

Free Traffic

High ranking equals to lots of free traffic. Those interested in your services will be directed to your website, at zero cost on your part. Plus there won’t be anyone asking for a commission just in case the deal sails through. You simply get the free traffic, convert it to customers and enjoy all the profits that come with it without worrying about advertisement cost. You can always ask a professional online marketing company to help you with SEO budgeting.

Fast Results

The good thing with local SEO is that you’ll only be competing with a few plumbing companies within your turf. Even better, most of these companies are run by old folks, most of whom have no real in-depth knowledge about local SEO.

With limited competition, your company will have an easier time climbing up the search engine ranks. So if done right, a comprehensive local SEO campaign should be able to make your website visible in the SERPs within 30 days of you running with it.