How to manage brand design during a merger or acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions always present new opportunities that can help businesses grow to new levels. This is however a challenging process, since it involves combining different aspects of the businesses, branding being one of them. Most people usually put more energy and focus into the financial and legal factors surrounding the merger and acquisition thereby forgetting the branding factor. This, in turn can lead to a lot of confusion once everything else is settled and can cause disagreements or even failure if not handled properly like Beanie Boos Australia in 2006. Below are some ideas on how to manage brand design during a merger or acquisition.

Having proper strategies

A merger or acquisition can take its toll on the business owners especially if they are well established. Discussing the branding details earlier on will help both parties come to an understanding sooner. Come up with correct measures that will make the transition smooth and make sure you cover every topic concerning the businesses. Discuss whether you want to come up with new names for your products or even the company. If you agree on it make sure it doesn’t confuse your employees and customers by coming up with names that will still reflect the visions and missions. Start marketing it early and ensure your new brand still stands out from the competitors like Apuro benchtop bain marie.

Branding concept


When it comes to naming, you can decide to maintain the individual brands or combine them to come up with a different name. Your decision should depend on both your short term and long-term goals. You can choose to have a descriptive, suggestive, generic or arbitrary name when you decide to come up with a new one. If you choose generic naming criteria, you should use the master brand naming architecture where your name reflects the corporation like Swiss Weight Loss Pills. For the generic criteria, it’s best to use the individual naming architecture where the brand name focuses more on the products rather than the corporation itself. Agreeing on the best brand model for your new merger will help you come up with the best names as well as the structures and formulas to use.


This is the most important factor when it comes to branding, whether it’s before or after a merger and acquisition. The images you use on your logo together with colors and fonts are usually how people identify your brand before they even read the descriptions accompanying them. How you incorporate these during a merger or acquisition can affect how fast people become familiar with the new SEO company. You can begin with changing your website’s appearance while ensuring that the new visual brand isn’t too contrasting to a point where it confuses your customers.


A merger or acquisition can present the same challenges one experiences when launching the first time and therefore requires patience and detailed planning. Rebranding isn’t necessary during mergers or acquisitions and you can choose to leave your brand as it is – cash for scrap cars Liverpool. Whatever you decide on, make sure you market your merger well using all the tools you can get. You should also make sure that everything you do from interacting with your customers to generating content reflects the new agenda and vision.