New Business Regulations: Commercial stove top burner safety guidelines

As the age old saying goes that a healthy minds resides in a healthy body only. Good nutrition plays a vital role in our daily actions. And the source of all the nourishment comes from our kitchens. The most essential element of any kitchen is its stove. When we are preparing delicious meals, we often get swayed away in adding more taste to it. In the process, we usually miss to follow the basic precautions one should be taking with stove top burners. Apart from the casual kitchen troubles, unsafe usage of stove top burner may sometime lead to bigger household accidents also.

According to the stats, most of the residential fires in the States usually come from cooking flaws or fires. However, maximum of these incidents can be controlled by carefully following commercial stove top burner safety guidelines. On a regular basis, one must perform safety checks for the stove top burners. Mostly the trouble comes through gas leaks leading to carbon monoxide poisoning. So, in order to ensure safety of the family, kindly go through the mentioned commercial stove top burner safety guidelines.

While purchasing a combi oven like Turbofan E22m3, never forget to check whether it has a certified testing label or not. Always remember to install the newly purchased stove top burner along with the after market safety tools which include guards for stove safety, stops for stove knob and straps for locking the stove.

After these safety measures, it is also advisable to never leave the stove top burner while cooking. While cooking is an art, maintaining a clean kitchen is also not an easy task. If you do not address kitchen cleanliness timely and some small food particles stuck themselves in the pores of the burner, they may cause gas leaks. Try to setup the stove top at a certain height that it will not be in reach of kids. Commercial stove top burner safety guidelines also suggest few body safety instructions. These comprises of lowering the usage of loose jewelry or loose clothes. Make sure there is no foul smell in the kitchen, it may be gas leak smell. In that case, immediately open all the windows and leave the kitchen area.

Considering the harms of cooking fires, try to use the stove in the back side of house. Use appropriate utensils according to the stove top burner’s size. Do not put empty vessels directly on the top of heated burner. For fire prevention, always keep an extinguisher or some baking soda or a hard metal cap nearby the stove. Read more about restaurant tips here.

Even after following the foresaid commercial stove top burner safety guidelines if some mishappening occurs, don’t ever dare to use water or cloth over your burner. Only use commercial chemical extinguisher rated by ABC. If you can manage then do turn off the burner immediately and evacuate the kitchen area. If needed, don’t hesitate to evacuate the house and call the services as fast as possible.

Your safety is in your own hand, hence stay cautious and responsible.