Hipnoterapi Sessions in Surabaya

You will learn more about how our center of hypnoterapi in Surabaya can help you to get better with many illness.

Conquer anxiety, quit smoking or even fight against sexual disorders: “hypnosis therapy” suggests calling our subconscious for help. Used by magicians and priests since ancient times, or even today in mainstream television shows, hypnosis may not necessarily sound like a therapeutic practice to you. “Its magical’ aspect weighs like a (heavy) dusty coat on modern medical hypnosis, “acknowledges the French-speaking Confederation of Hypnosis. It is, however, used in addition to traditional medicine, and this for many ailments: stress, anxiety, self-confidence, bereavement, sexual disorders, depressive states, personality disorders, addictions, allergies etc.

Over the past 20 years, around twenty university hypnotherapy training courses have emerged. “This year, they were nearly 400 candidates for about twenty places”, assures for example in Le Monde Jean Becchio, director of the interuniversity diploma of clinical hypnosis at the University of Paris-XI, evoking “a growing demand” of the share of patients and healthcare professionals. What exactly is it? Europe 1 makes the presentations.

Hypnotherapy, what are we talking about?

Concretely, the practitioner will, by his voice, by a certain number of visualization or relaxation exercises, place his patient / subject in a “state of modified consciousness”, a state in which he will no longer be completely conscious, without being asleep either. The goal is to cut ourselves off as much as possible from the outside world and everything that comes to mind, to immerse us in a state of hyper-concentration, similar to a state of trance. The hypnotherapist will then push the subject to enter into a dialogue with himself, or help him find inspiring images within himself, without imposing anything on him, without giving him a pre-established direction.

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