Discover the Different Services From Venntifact

A brief on Venntifact-

Venntifact are led by a management team that needs no introduction, especially in the digital arena. Founders Damon Etherington, Joey Nguyen and Sam Vincent are well known to leaders in analytics and data, with the founders having worked agency side, working with enterprise brands over the last 10 years. Opening it’s doors in 2018 in Sydney, the business has 25 years of collective data experience through it’s founders, yet has the passion of a startup ready to disrupt the industry.

Venntifact is introducing new trends to enterprise marketing teams, including radical approaches to implementing effective marketing technology architecture, understanding customer intent, and delivering superior data-led experiences. It’s approach to martech and data science is already winning some impressive brands on the roster, including leading banks and airlines.

Here is a snapshot of Venntifact services:

1. Customer Data Platforms – Modern marketing organisations have a huge demand for data to fuel personalised experiences. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are a new breed of technology platform, able to ingest data from any internal or external channel, to provide a unified, actionable customer profile. A CDP is a marketer managed system, meaning audience data isn’t locked away in IT controlled systems, and are instead able to be activated across any digital or offline communications channel.

2. CX Technology Architecture – The martech and adtech ecosystems have exploded in the last 5 years, with thousands of vendors now available to solve marketer challenges. This has created a confusing web of technologies, that ultimately fail to deliver the optimal customer experience, and are severely under-utilised by brands and agencies. We help organisations understand the capability of their current technology, identify gaps or duplication, and recommend tactics to better leverage existing platforms and data. The end result is effective, data driven capability to supercharge the omni-channel customer experience.

3. Skills & Capability Gap Assessment – The most important element of a high performance marketing team is ensuring they have the right skills and knowledge in-house.  We help organisations to assess the human capabilities and skillsets in data, martech and analytics to determine any gaps that can be addressed through training, recruitment or agency partners.

4. Technical Training – With critical skills in data, digital analytics & marketing technology in short supply in Australia, we provide tailored technical training to help enterprise marketing teams build their internal capability. Training courses are tailored to requirements, and are aimed to provide practical skills that can be applied to both strategy and execution in a modern digital business. We also provide onboarding training programs, to ensure your new-starters are given a headstart and have support learning new platforms and ways of thinking.

5. Vendor Selection & RFP Support – Digital transformation has created the need for new, sophisticated marketing technology platforms, yet how to select the right platform for your brand remains a challenge. We have worked with all enterprise marketing cloud vendors including Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle and IBM, as well as a multitude of specialty vendors. We know how to assess technology vendors across technical, process and support criteria, to ensure your selected platform can deliver, and your are set for long term success.

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6. Talent Acquisition – Finding the right candidates in data and martech can be challenging. Having been data & martech practitioners ourselves for many years, we know how to assess skillsets and capability for clients. We build effective teams in the areas of digital analytics, data science, marketing automation, data analyst, marketing technologist, front end developer. If you’re looking for candidates with specific skillsets, we probably have them in our network.